What we do

We provide the service of implementing and hosting web based opinion surveys. This includes market research questionnairs, employee satisfaction surveys, customer feedback polling and presentation/instructional feedback forms.

You provide us with what to ask and we implement it and deliver the results to you in a number of possible formats. We do not provide the audience for the surveys.

Implementing the survey in multiple languages is possible if the relevant translations are provided. We have implemented surveys in English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

The surveys can be any size and complexity from 2 to 500 questions. Complicated skip logic (skipping questions based on earlier responses), randomized question order and special question layouts can be handled.

Try us if you have looked at one of the many online survey software packages and found that they can't handle the complexity you require for your survey. You won't have to spend the time learning a package that might not work for you or worry about the web hosting of the survey.

Our survey infrastructure can handle the load whether there is going to be 10 or 100,000 respondants.

If you want to associate responses with particular respondants, the survey can start with a login page where they enter a unique login code or name that can be assigned by you. A matching password can also be added. The login feature also ensures that respondants only complete the survey once. We can then also report which possible respondants have finished the survey and which have not.


Typical surveys range from $200 to $1500 (US$) depending on the number of questions and their complexity. It does not depend on how many respondants you expect. A $200 survey would typically have 10 fairly simple questions. The high end of the price range would be for 100+ questions with complicted skip logic, repeated sections and contain pictures to go with some questions.

Typical implementation schedule

Typically, the same day that you provide the text of the questions for the survey and instructions on skip logic or any other processing requirements, we will provide you with a quote.

Upon go-ahead, it typically takes one to three days to implement the survey. After you review the survey online and okay it, respondants can start going through the survey. You are responsible for providing the respondants. If appropriate, you can notify them via email or we can do the emailing if you have the list of desired respondants.

The survey runs for as long as you desire. Our survey system provides a response summary page that you can log into to review the overall responses in real time. When you decide to shut down the survey, we send you the response data in a pre-agreed format.

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